Evolving Healthcare Technology

For years DIGICARE has been focused on:

  • Delivering improved Consumer Health in a Digital Economy in an Internet of Things (IOT) platform that allows consumers to use the tools they use every day to manage their lives, e.g. internet, cell phone, tablets, laptops 

  • Providing educational content, access to all personal and family products, services and home delivery at the lowest cost possible in one platform

  • Assisting people as they navigate from good health to a need for medical care have it available 24/7 and in a team-based service that engages both primary care and medical specialties on behalf of the patient  

  • Supporting people managing medical conditions through access to relevant education, access to the nutrition, products and services in the convenience of their home.

COVID-19 was first discovered in the US in 2020 – over a year later it is still with us. Even with the available vaccine there is no end in sight. So, what has changed and what have we learned:

  • Personal Health is extremely important because COVID-19 is deadly to people in poor health

  • After 40 years, telemedicine has gone finally gone main stream for triaging patients and providing care quickly

  • eCommerce has accelerated globally to provide convenient access to products and services

  • Government is not the answer to keeping you safe, its personal responsibility for your health and the health of your family

COVID-19 has accelerated the healthcare technology evolution

DIGICARE will assist in transforming health and wellness to help drive long-term systemic change to how consumers manage their health, wellbeing, and care. DIGICARE focuses on fresh agriculture products to maintain a level of health and wellness. Also, we have invested in the development of fresh products in the form or food kits to manage specific medical diagnosis as a part managing their condition and wellbeing.

COVID-19’s impact has been devastating for the US Healthcare System and those that depend on timely and ongoing care. At the same time the need for primary care increased and telemedicine is now mainstream in providing access to care.

Through our Amazon-inspired healthcare marketplace, and our telemedicine and remote patient monitoring systems, deliver the makings of virtual care for both patients and healthcare providers during the current and future pandemics.

The DIGICARE Solution, called DigiCare Connect™, has created an ecosystem bringing both providers and consumers of healthcare together in an open, transparent fashion to provide effective solutions to the daily healthcare needs of the patient.

With our platform, the patient can store their entire medical history in one location, and interacts with our HealthRing™ healthcare marketplace to connect the patient with vendors and suppliers for personal, dental, pet and other products according to their needs. For the healthcare provider, our cloud-based open system and API platform allows easy integration with devices, apps, wearables, and software to enable remote patient monitoring and better evaluation of vast amounts of data.

Technology Driven –With our agnostic secure HIPAA-compliant technology, DIGICARE will benefit from technological advancements in the healthcare space with a platform that you never have to leave to access what you want, when you want it.

Executive Team

David Swart
David SwartPresident & CEO
David Swart has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive, and consultant providing expert services and tools for business strategy development, process and workflow design, metrics development, innovation strategies, and technology. Mr. Swart has authored the Digital Health and Data Management business model of DIGICARE, as well as developed and integrated healthcare products and service ecosystems directed at commercializing the U.S. healthcare system.
Ralph Morales III
Ralph Morales IIIChief Operations Office
Ralph Morales III, in his 25 years at Hewlett Packard (HP) Mr. Morales held numerous innovative and business operation leadership positions. At the time of departing HP as the Director of Innovation and Incubations, Mr. Morales was responsible for IOT solutions, wearables from concept to cash flow longevity. In addition, he is an expert in Lean Methodology for business development, business planning and tactical execution for go to market product launches. As COO, Mr. Morales will be responsible for all business-related efforts regarding the DIGICARE – Digital Health Platform and Ecosystem integration and performance, overall program management execution and business management, budget, and performance reconciliation across the ecosystem.
Julianne Hutchinson
Julianne HutchinsonDirector, Enterprise Operations
Julianne Hutchinson has analyzed, designed, planned, guided, and implemented the on-time, in-budget development of client healthcare call center and analytic software for a variety of clients in the past. Ms. Hutchinson is accountable for overall success of multi-year projects valuing up to $14 million and comprised of a variety of resources leveraging on-shore/off-shore delivery models.

Ms. Hutchinson had responsibility for identifying new innovative technologies as well as working with integration teams for the DIGICARE Digital Care Connect™ platform.

Ms. Hutchinson consults on start-up and integration with legacy systems and data capture strategies to support DIGICARE analytics, providing expertise on technology strategies and creative solutions to challenges. In addition, she maintains HIPAA compliance, instils best practices, and streamlines product/system development.

Zachary Hacias
Zachary HaciasProgram Manager
Zachary Hacias co-founded a consulting firm, G2G Global Corporation, in 2017 that works with startup and early-stage companies on go to market strategy and sales growth. He currently resides as President working with customers focused on cyber security, HR tech, and implementing business insight and data analytics tools. Prior to that, Mr. Hacias spent five years at CareerBuilder focused on their SaaS products and Souring Solution platform working with customers like Amazon, Ford, and Meijer.

Mr. Hacias is a founding member of the Birch Run Wellness Center and Mid-Michigan Hemp Company. Together the companies are licensed to grow, process, and sell hemp products in both the consumable and industrial markets. In 2020, Mid-Michigan Hemp Company partnered with Freshlight BV out of the Netherlands and Freshlight LLC to be a North American distributor of their full spectrum daylight sunlight LED lights, restructuring and negative ionization water units, and negative ionization air purification devices.