Tech giants such as Google and Microsoft have transformed the way billions of people communicate, shop, socialize, and work. As a result of COVID-19 consumers, medical centers, healthcare systems and insurers accelerated the use of e-commerce, as well as embraced health-tracking apps to monitor individual health.

Yet one of the fundamental weaknesses of the healthcare industry is that it remains deeply fragmented, with randomly-evolved networks of products and services. COVID-19 has exposed even more fundamental weaknesses in the healthcare system.

Effectively, the care delivery spectrum in today’s healthcare marketplace remains siloed, meaning that data sources cannot be captured and evaluated to determine the most accurate diagnosis, optimum care outcomes, or efficient financial best practices. DIGICARE can deliver a critical and holistic technical solution to overcome obstacles to achieving and maintaining personal health and access to care when needed.

Integrated Technologies with:

  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Discount Pharmacy
  • Healthcare Supplies
  • Dental Supplies
  • Pet Supplies
  • Last Mile Home Delivery


Develop a Digital Community to keep individuals and families healthy to successfully navigate COVID-19 and future pandemics by providing a scalable, efficient, and cost-effective consumer and integrated system is focuses personalized health and wellness vs. reactive medical care to support the optimization of the supply chain at the point-of-care, and to then measure its efficiencies and use. DIGICARE is well-positioned to derive huge potential revenues from other sectors too, including the insurance industry. Insurance companies, reinsurance companies, and managing general agents (MGA) can subscribe to services for DIGICARE data analytics that are individually tailored for each company’s particular interest. This data can then be integrated into their risk management tools, loss control departments, claims management, and pricing methodology for their respective clientele.

The DIGICARE Solution has the ability to be utilized in multiple healthcare market business segments. The core sales markets include:

  • Employers (transport and distribution warehousing)

  • Veteran Organizations 

  • Associations

  • Medical service and product providers

  • Health insurers

  • Non-profit and religious groups that provide healthcare services

  • Government healthcare services

The company will:

  • design its own suite of products for sale globally

  • work with various healthcare partners and companies

While DIGICARE’s initial focus will be healthcare systems and providers, the company’s Principals recognize that as a digital platform DIGICARE can be marketed globally and to this end have been actively promoting the platform simultaneously to the USA, i.e. the world’s largest healthcare market.